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The Br'er Fox and Br'er Rabbit Tea Towel

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Part of our Wren's Nest collection.

Br'er Rabbit is part of our partnership with the Wren's Nest, the historic Atlanta home of the legendary author Joel Chandler Harris. This illustration is from Arthur Burdett Frost's original illustrations of Harris's Tales of Uncle Remus.

If you are in Atlanta, visit The Wren's Nest - the home of Mr. Harris. www.wrensnest.org

Black screen printing ink on white flour sack cotton fabric.

These 100% cotton Down South House & Home dishtowels come in two varieties: Workhorse for $10 and Fancy Pants for $15. Both measure about 30”x30” and are screen printed by hand in a tiny red barn in Georgia.

Here's a question we get all the time. What's the difference between our Workhorse and Fancy Pants towels? Click here to see the difference!

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Stacy Reece, Cool Stuff Officer at Down South, makes the products and adds a few stories and recipes to make everybody from grandmothers to grandmillenials feel good about about having a Southern drawl. Her work has been featured in Okra Magazine and the Southern Living Blog.