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What We Do

We hand-print charming gifts for Southerners in a tiny barn in Clarkston, Georgia.

I grew up around barns. My family has had farmers in it for over 200 years in Georgia. That's why it feels great to make these products for you in this tiny little barn. I wanted to be in a place where I can have my own shop, with my own tools, and be able to create whatever design I want.

I like to make products that come from a clean but traditional Southern aesthetic.

I see printed products in a lot of shops, but so many of the messages and designs on them are corny or just downright tacky. I wanted to create things any Southerner can buy to reflect her own Southernness and the hospitable nature of where we are from. I want to do that through clean, simple designs that honor the South's culture, the things Southerners do, and the phrases we all heard growing up. Welcome, y'all. Act right. Don't be tacky. Don't be ugly.

The South’s musical and literary traditions are important, because they so often reach across the racial barriers that we’ve used for far too long to keep ourselves separate from each other. When I print a bag that says "See that my grave is kept clean" — which is from a Blind Lemon Jefferson song — I want it to remind the person who bought it of two things. I want to remind them of the great art that has always come from impoverished places in the South. And I want to remind them how this lyric speaks to a sentiment every Southerner shares. We all want somebody who loves us enough to see that our graves are kept clean when we’re gone.

That’s not a race thing. It’s not a class thing. It’s a Southern thing. And all the products I make for y'all have my Southern heart in them.

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