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February 2021 Deviled Egg Plate Giveaway

Posted by Stacy Reece on

Stacy is back with her deviled-egg plate giveaways! To get a chance to win two plates — and a $35 gift card for whatever you want from Down South House & Home — just watch the video, then leave a comment below on the topic Stacy talks about. We love hearing from all y'all.


  • The pandemic has made me aware of strengths I didn’t know I had. Before I faced challenges as a work from home mom, but then I added Kindergarten homeschool teacher to that list, and navigating teaching and working from home, plus adding a new little business to the side has made me reach deep down and find a new level of grit to get by during these times and try to keep at least some of my sanity.

    Laura Tucker on

  • The pandemic has, of course, made me stay home more. That’s not saying much, as I am pretty disabled and stay home a lot anyway. But it’s made me realize how I took for granted that I had places to go if I was able. Suddenly it didn’t matter, there were no places to go. I have missed my friends. Changed me? I’m more yearning for my ‘people". I love staying home, and I have been grateful for extra time with my daughter when she was home for a month. And yes, I am grateful for all the blessings – the warm bed, the safe home, the good food- and the new vaccine! PS: I’ve ben collecting Blue Willow since I was 18 years old!

    Kathi V Hill on

  • I’d have to say that the pandemic has made me seriously concerned for those suffering from non-covid diseases. The people I know that are having their radiation (thankful my treatments were years before) or chemo treatments postponed, those who are continuing to live in pain because testing is not being done etc. Had a cousin that died because doctors would not see her since her problem was not covid related. For a month she fought to be seen. They finally saw her in emergency surgery after having a stroke. She died at 52 of a bacterial infection that attacked her heart. Entirely preventable. Truly makes me wonder how many have died because of covid, not from covid.

    Kristen Sossman on

  • The pandemic has allowed me to think outside the box & become more innovative with a brand new medical practice that my best friend and I were able to open during covid. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Glad to see you back!

    Marissa on

  • Yes, so grateful! My husband was in the hospital 30 days, 6 of those days on a ventilator! I am grateful for every person who was a part of his medical team, especially Jesus, the Ultimate Healer. He is progressing each day!

    Teresa Wells on

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