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February 2021 Deviled Egg Plate Giveaway

Posted by Stacy Reece on

Stacy is back with her deviled-egg plate giveaways! To get a chance to win two plates — and a $35 gift card for whatever you want from Down South House & Home — just watch the video, then leave a comment below on the topic Stacy talks about. We love hearing from all y'all.


  • First of all, as you said , I am so very grateful for everything I have been blessed with, through out this difficult time. What I miss in my life since this pandemic started is lunch out with my girlfriends, getting together with friends for barbecues and parties. All of the social activities that I took for granted. I didn’t really realize how carefree an afternoon shopping trip with my girlfriends was and the joy of gathering for a special wedding or baby shower to celebrate friends and family. When we’re able to have friends over for a casual dinner again and make lunch plans to go somewhere fun, I will never take it for granted again!!

    Sharon Kindall on

  • My father passed away February 29, 2020. It was sudden and not Covid-related. Shortly after his funeral, the pandemic hit. This time has taught me to not take anything for granted and to appreciate everything I have. Also, to stop waiting for the right time to use the nice things, or to do the things on my bucket list. I’m learning to stop putting things off because that “right time” may never come.

    Galynn Ponder on

  • Stacy talked about a monthly giveaway. Whoop, whoop! But I really found it interesting to hear how hard it is to match colors. That blue willow blue is gorgeous and I know that with my Type A it would drive me crazy trying to match it! Haha! In any case, my family clears out deviled eggs. They are a favorite in our home so I would be so thrilled to win a new deviled egg plate!

    Paige Hofer on

  • As a frontline worker I have been remind of the power of the human spirit and the strength, support and love we find in family/community.

    Jeri Cancel on

  • I have grown so much closer to my husband! Now that he is heading back to work, I miss him more! We have been married for 33 years and our daughter has recently moved out and gotten married! We are now a couple again! Covid helped us rekindle our relationship!!!

    Sharon Reed on

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