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For Cat Lovers Everywhere!

Posted by Stacy Reece on

For Cat Lovers Everywhere!

We love all things Southern here at Down South House & Home, but sometimes we find an image so darling and so universal we just can’t pass it up.

This is where our old friend, Laura Gosnell, comes in. Laura is a talented illustrator and graphic artist, who loves cats but struggles to draw them. When she posted this image to her Instagram account, and we laughed out loud. We thought this new image would delight anyone who loves cats, so we partnered with her to make this new towel.
To commemorate the partnership, we invited Laura and her husband came over to our tiny barn to take some pictures of her with her new towels.
First, since it was Saturday and we are Southern, we sat down to catch up in our studio. Then, we went downstairs to the workshop to let Laura make her own towel using her design.
Yay! She’s happy!

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