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The Debut of "At the Welcome Table," Down South's New Podcast

Posted by Stacy Reece on

In "At the Welcome Table," we're inviting ordinary southern women who lead extraordinary lives to have a long chat with Stacy around the welcome table at Down South House & Home.

Our first episode is out now — a fascinating chat with Kay Powell, the newspaper biz's legendary "Queen of the Obituary" and a raconteur of the highest order.









  • Having been born & reared in Florida, with Florida roots going back several generations, being a true Florida Cracker & a Southerner is like breathing to me. Thank you for this conversation which made me think about who I am & why & what it means.

    Jan on

  • Oh, my goidness! I enjoyed this podcast so much I listened to it TWICE! Thanks for giving props to my two passions, Kay: Storytelling and my sweet husband of 51 years, Jim Wooten. Your conversation reminded me how families have mottos, spoken or not, by which they live. When I was growing up, my depression-era parents’ overall motto was, “Use it up. Make do. Or do without.” My mother’s motto was, “What will people think?” My daddy’s motto was, “Always DO your part but always TAKE your part.” Those conflicting mottos made life interesting for this only child. Thanks for fostering the memories. I’m looking forward to the next half of your podcast!

    Ann Wooten on

  • Listened to entire broadcast and really enjoyed it.

    Sally Free Coppage on

  • I enjoyed this, ladies. The tea thing! Unsweetened has always been the standard at all my kin folks’ houses! Plus, outspoken and opinionated women are plentiful in our family

    This l was delightful!
    Cousin Liane

    Liane Varnes on

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