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Pretty Pair of White Gloves

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If we are going to get back out in the world, let’s stay safe in style with these pretty little white gloves.

Emily Post might have called these white cotton gloves “serviceable.” Made of a sturdy cotton jersey with a double set of seams on the fingers. The wrist has a very delicate zig-zag trim that makes it looks a little dressier.

On the Daughters of the American Revolution scale, they are perfect for chapter meetings, grave markings and daytime paging at Continental Congress. If you are marching down Constitution Hall behind the President General during the flag drop, you will need something fancier. 

Care instructions: We recommend hand washing and pressing dry with a clean tea towel. We did put them in the washing machine with bleach and dried them in the dryer. There was a little shrinkage, but they stood up to the process and stretched out just fine. 


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