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The Everyday Pashmina Scarves

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We have a very limited supply of really long, lightweight pashmina scarves in some fun colors for this fall. We ordered them specifically for Southern tailgating parties. All are 72"x29". Dry clean.

Our model, Beulah, would probably be about 5'2" if she had a head.

Here's how we see these colors:

Red - this is not quite an "Athens" red. It's a little more of a tomato color, but would look fine at a Bulldog game if your skin has yellow undertones.

Yellow - we think this color would best be pronounced as "yaller," because it is a loud yellow. It has a slight green hint to it, which makes it look almost fluorescent under certain lighting. We got it thinking that it would be great for LSU, but y'all have a yellow that is a little more orange. It’s pretty, but it’s bold.

Orange - this color is somewhere between orange and coral. We know that Southern football fans are very particular about their oranges, but we think this soft orange would be suitable for any football fans with orange in their team colors. (Maybe not quite yellow enough for Tennessee.)

Blue - This is a light denim blue. We think that it would be fine in Florida and Kentucky. It’s definitely this year’s blue color.

Burgundy - This color is about halfway between Alabama crimson and Gamecock garnet, maybe a little more garnet. It’s a beautiful color no matter who you root for.

Silver - This color is perfect in Athens and probably in Alabama.

Khaki - We thought this would be a gold color, but it is really just a clean, classic khaki color. It would probably work for Florida State or Wake Forest.

Gold - This wonderful gold color is perfect for any holiday gathering and fancy LSU parties. This particular color also has a beautiful floral design woven into it.


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